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Purpose and function of graphitization

The release date:2019-09-26 11:22:21

Purpose and function of graphitization

1.Improve the conductivity of carbon materials (resistivity decreased by 4-5 times, thermal conductivity increased by about 10 times).

2.Improve the thermal vibration resistance and chemical stability of carbon materials (reduction of linear expansion coefficient by 50-80%)

3.So that the carbon material has lubricity and wear resistance.

4.Remove impurities and improve the purity of carbon materials (ash content of products is reduced from 0.5 to about 0.3%)

Graphitization of carbon materials is operated at a high temperature of 2300-3000 ° c, so it can only be realized by electric heating in industry, that is, the electric current directly passes through the heated calcined products. The calcined products in the furnace are the conductors of the high temperature generated by the electric current and the objects heated to high temperature.

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